Case Study

The Pump And Dump Trick

How it Works

You get an offer to join a group of investors that want to buy a large amount of a small Alt-Coin for a low price, the offer came with the message explained that through the power of a large investors group you can join there massive purchase and when that coin rise in value they will buy the coin from you at its highest rate, you as most people, heard about Crypto-currency and Bitcoin in particular, you thought to yourself it’s a great opportunity to start with Crypto-currency. you thought you are doing the smart thing and ‘bought’ a large number of coins, little did you know you have been contacted by a quick scam company that ‘Pump and dump’ clients, lowering them in with what sounds like a great offer to profit from a quick investment. They disappeared with your money before you know not leaving a trail or a hint where to find them again

Be Observant

The Crypto-currency industry is fast growing and everyday there is a new coin or token issued, never buy a coin without knowing exactly what it is, the rates and company reviews, every coin is issued by someone, a company or a group of individuals, when in doubt- do your homework and double check with trusted sites and exchanges, in addition; no self-respecting exchange will work with an unknown coin and of course no respectable investment house will spam message ‘fishing’ for clients to join.


The Buying And Selling Trick

how it works

You saw a promotion ad giving bonus for depositing and trading crypto-currency, you thought that by depositing money, you are actually purchasing Ethereum, the truth is that you are just gambling the Ether rates inside a manipulated trading platform. Once the trading platform account manager understands that you wont deposit anymore money, you will lost everything that you have on the account.

be observant

Be sure when you are depositing money to an exchange that you will receive the coins to your personal wallet, and no one besides you will have access to trade it. The value of Currencies wont get to Zero, it can go up and down but almost never disappear, while when you gambling on rates in an inner platform you can lose all of your investment.


The Exchange Trick

how it works

After hearing about the bitcoin rise, Lisa wanted to join the party and was looking for an exchange that will let her buy Bitcoin, unfortunately, she saw an ad on facebook that directed her to an “investment company”, she left her details and right away she received a call from an account manager/broker that gave her promises for profits. She wasn’t aware of this kind of scam companies and was happy that the company will buy and hold the Bitcoin for her, she didn’t know that no one except from her should hold the bitcoin and giving the key for her wallet is like giving the code for your credit card. After 4 months when the bitcoin was significantly high, she asked to withdraw some of her investment, but the “investment company” was already gone with her money

be observant

NEVER GIVE YOUR KEY FOR YOUR WALLET TO NO ONE!!!!! This is the key for your money and no one should know it besides you, if someone is asking you for it, never ever give it away

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